Lower Austria – Austria's largest province – is among today's top European business locations. Its geographic position alone is a bonus with Vienna at its center and the high-growth markets of Central and Eastern Europe on its doorstep. Thanks to its political stability, dynamic growth, openness to investment and the absence of bureaucratic red tape, Lower Austria is the land of ideas and their realization.

Lower Austria is situated in the heart of Europe and within easy reach of major cities such as Vienna, Munich, Bratislava, Budapest and Prague. Not only that, but in place is a superior international quality infrastruct-ure offering full service business support, modern road connections and Vienna Airport (VIE) that links west and east through ideal connections like no other European airport. Use the enormous commercial potential of this region to boost your business.




Lower Austria is also a hub of high-tech. The consistent focus on cutting-edge technologies and substantial funding of R&D have ensured Lower Austria its status as one of the most attractive and forward-thinking business locations for leading high-tech companies in the European region. Discover our TECHNOPOL program, with its specialized centers combining high-tech companies, educational and research facilities. 

Rated the No.1 country in the world in terms of quality of life – Austria just has it all. Lower Austria embodies these benefits as the historic core of the nation – a land of great diversity and contrasts, offering a nearly unlimited choice of cultural, recreational, leisure and holiday activities.



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ecoplus International is a non-profit, government-funded agency that offers support to companies aiming to establish their own business in Lower Austria. Our services are provided free of charge.

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