Lower Austria – a hub of Central Europe

It is the interplay of many factors that has made Lower Austria one of Central Europe's hubs of high-tech. The promotion of research & development and the cooperation between various disciplines are assigned the top priority here. This is a concept that speaks for itself and to which we have been committed on a daily basis at our Technopole centres for more than 15 years. Our Technopoles are recognised as hubs of R&D throughout the world. Ranked at No. 3 in the 2018 Nature Index tables was the institute IST Austria. The organisation that has become internationally eminent for its use of innovative ion beam therapy for cancer, MedAustron treats up to 1000 patients annually at its centre in Lower Austria.

Lower Austria – the home of cutting-edge technology. Become part of this trailblazing location.


Technopoles. Our Technopoles bring together research and educational institutes with businesses in a single location. This means transfer of know-how, of knowledge and state-of-the-art research is facilitated while platforms are provided that promote local and international collaboration. The fact that research, training and business are able to undertake interdisciplinary projects ensures that valuable partnerships come into being and there is direct access to qualified and specialist personnel. And there are four of these centres in Lower Austria – in Krems, Tulln, Wiener Neustadt and Wieselburg.

These four Technopoles form the pillars of technology-based site development and offer you a wide range of potential benefits:

  • Clean room laboratories – more than 1000 m² GMP-conform production floor space is available for your use in the Krems Technopole

  • Options for collaboration with existing educational and research organisations at all Technopole centres – generate synergies through working with leading training providers on-site

  • Recruitment of employees holding doctoral degrees – find the personnel you need from of a pool of jobseekers with PhDs

  • An extensive range of office facilities and building sites

  • Leading commercial organisations and service providers that complement Technopole specialisations are on-site – a proximity that boosts cooperation

  • Ideal infrastructure links – ensuring you can stay in contact with your business partners in Austria and abroad both quickly and efficiently

  • Regular events and marketing campaigns – we'll make sure your organisation is in the spotlight

International centre for health Technologies.

Aphaeresis, regenerative medicine, anti-inflammatory therapy, water and health – four fields of health technology united at one single site. The Technopole in Krems plays host to business and research specialists. The educational institutes Danube University Krems, the Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences, the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems and the Technology and Research Centre (TFZ) Krems represent the third component contributing to the seamless teamwork between business, research and training – here there is a concentration of skills at a very high level.

Internationally recognised centre for research in bio-based Technologies.

With its more than 1000 R&D workplaces, the Technopole Tulln is THE centre when it comes to bio-based technology research and it is a global player in the fields of food and animal feed safety, bio-based process technology and agricultural biotechnology. A researcher whose work is among that cited most frequently in international publications works here while there are 32 businesses – some of which are global leaders in their areas – together with outstanding research and educational institutes - making Tulln a unique ecosystem, what an environment!

International centre for bioenergy systems, foodstuff and agricultural technologies.

Decades of experience and valuable know-how in the fields of agriculture and forest management – these are the cornerstones of our Technopole based in the Mostviertel region of Lower Austria. Here there are numerous eminent educational and research centres, such as the Higher Federal Education and Research Institute Francisco Josephinum and the Wieselburg Campus of the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt, that have been training experts in agricultural science here for 150 years. Together with prominent business organisations, it has proved possible to sustain traditional methods and even make these future-orientated – a guaranteed basis for economic success in the global market.

Leading international Technopole in the fields of medicine and material sciences.

From functional material surfaces through medical applications to smart materials and optimised anti-friction, anti-abrasion agents and lubricants – these are the areas of specialisation at our Wiener Neustadt site. Independent research laboratories, workshops and distinguished educational institutes, such as the Department for Integrated Sensor Systems of the Danube University Krems, ensure that this Technopole is the one-stop shop for businesses seeking partners for collaborative projects from the pool of experts and upcoming leading academics here.

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SUPPORT MEASURES – get state funding in Lower Austria

Support is available to ensure that businesses can continue to grow and to further develop Lower Austria as a high-tech hub of Europe. This is part of the core strategy of the State of Lower Austria, a policy that is manifested in many different forms and from which your business can benefit. For example, you can obtain financial support for strategic growth projects and financing and support for the development of concepts designed to optimise processes and productivity.


Support measures for you in Lower Austria - contact us

Examples of support measures available in the high-tech sector:

  • The 14% research premium 
    Austrian businesses can apply for a refund of 14% of their outgoings for internally and externally commissioned research. All businesses based in Austria can take advantage of the associated tax credit.
  • Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)
    Provides financial support to R&D projects worth €685 million annually (2018); offers a package tailored to SMEs, an FFG support program, support for start-ups, a 'Vorsprung' support program, the COMET-Module Competence Centres for Excellent Technologies tender program and the COIN cooperation and innovation program.

Additional financial support measures offered by the State of Lower Austria

  • Fund for Business and Tourism Development of Lower Austria
    Financial aid for start-ups, standard forms of investment support and support of environmentally relevant projects. Regular calls for tenders in association with special, technology-related topics. Support from this fund can be obtained in addition to funding by the Austrian federal government.

  • The NÖBEG business participation model
    The Niederösterreichische Bürgschafts- und Beteiligungsbank (NÖBEG) is a bank with a private-public shareholder structure that provides finance and support to innovative, technology-orientated companies based in Lower Austria; participation is silent – there is no involvement in ownership.
    NÖBEG principally provides support for the development of R&D concepts and their market launch.


Lower Austria – the leader in the field of technology. An ambitious claim perhaps – but we have the know-how to ensure these are more than just empty words. We deliberately set the bar high and are convinced that we are able to achieve our objective with the help of the businesses, research and education institutes at our sites – we are trendsetters and generators of stimuli in the international arena that we have planned together and intend to continue to implement in the future. This is what high-tech represents for us. And this is why we in Lower Austria consider ourselves to be the leader in the field of technology.


At all its production sites, AGRANA places major emphasis on the use of energy-efficient processes and the utilisation of any resultant by-products. By means of targeted investment in resource-friendly production technologies, AGRANA not only manages to reduce its consumption of energy and carbon footprint significantly but also minimises its reliance on primary sources of energy.

Customised protection against wear. The coatings developed by BUSATIS help cut down operational downtimes to a minimum while improving the output of high-performance machinery. The core activity of BUSATIS is the supply of customised technical solutions in the fields of wear protection coating, partial thermal treatments, cold and hot working methods, punching processes, grinding and mechanical processes based on CNC systems. Originally founded in 1888, this family-run business located in Purgstall in Lower Austria has for 40 years been developing and producing innovative forms of coatings to prevent abrasion, erosion and damage to parts subject to wear in high-performance machinery.

ENPULSION located in Wiener Neustadt is the world's leading manufacturer of electrical propulsion systems for nano- and micro-satellites. ENPULSION was formed in 2016 as a spin-out of FOTEC, the research subsidiary of the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt. Its aim is to make field-emission electric propulsion (FEEP) technology commercially viable on the international market. The unique modular propulsion systems developed by ENPULSION use indium as fuel, meaning that their systems offering safety, compact design and rapid integration can be supplied at attractive prices. As it has the capacity to produce more than 20 IFM nano thrusters per month, lead times can be kept as short as possible. 

The ERBER Group is a biotechnology enterprise that has achieved worldwide prominence in the fields of foodstuff and animal feed safety and foodstuff analysis by means of high-tech research and development. The Group maintains links with globally leading universities and research institutes and its more than 120 highly qualified researchers at its premises in Tulln develop, using state-of-the-art devices, innovative and accurate screening methods for the identification and quantification of mycotoxin-producing moulds together with highly effective bioactive detoxification methods and animal feed additives that they sell worldwide.

OrthoSera – a well-known company working in the field of regenerative medicine – was founded in Krems in 2012. It is among the leading developers of serum-based orthobiologics. OrthoSera launched its first product on the market in 2015. Through subsidiaries such as those it already has in the USA and Hungary, OrthoSera aims to make its technologies available to patients throughout the world. In terms of R&D, it currently focuses on bone transplantation, osteoarthritis, wound healing, dentistry and orthopaedic indications.

The name 'Schiebel' has been synonymous with expertise, innovation and top-of-the-range, internationally celebrated high-tech products for nearly 50 years. It chose to locate its production site in Wiener Neustadt, 50 km to the south of Vienna, because of the close vicinity to the airport. The site was opened in September 2006 and now concentrates exclusively on the manufacture of the unmanned aerial vehicle CAMCOPTER® S-100.

Project Dragonfly – ZKW is developing headlights for self-driving cars. Following extensive research and development work, ZKW has launched its “Project Dragonfly” relating to autonomous road vehicles. As part of this concept, the lighting systems specialist has built a demo vehicle, integrating sensors and cameras in headlights at various configuration levels and thereby enabling automated driving functions. Starting in 2019, the first test drives have been undertaken on four approved routes in Austria. 


Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, as Austria's largest non-university research organisation, takes a leading role in the development of innovations and also has a key part to play at the European level in future-orientated central infrastructure projects concerned with decarbonisation and digitalisation. AIT acts as a specialist partner of business and public institutions, researching and developing the technologies, methods and tools today that will be needed to create the innovations of tomorrow. It undertakes research in the areas of energy, mobility systems, low-emission transport, health & bioresources, digital safety & security, vision, automation & control, technology experience and innovation systems & policy. At the Tulln site, the AIT Center for Health & Bioresources is working on solutions for resource-friendly promotion of plant growth using microorganisms, the rapid identification of pests and fungal infestation and combating pathogen and weed growth. The AIT BioSensor Technologies group in Tulln is also developing odour sensors for commercial and research applications. 

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Institute of Science and Technology Austria

The Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) is an interdisciplinary research institute with the right to award doctorates that conducts cutting-edge research in physics, mathematics, computer science and the biosciences. Founded by the State of Lower Austria and the Austrian federal government, the visionary concepts of IST Austria are on a par with those of the world's foremost research and science institutes.

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MedAustron -
Health as objektive. Knowledge for the future.

MedAustron is an interdisciplinary, trans-regional Austrian centre offering an innovative form of ion beam treatment for cancer that also researches and is working on improving this form of therapy. A particle accelerator developed in close collaboration with CERN is the centrepiece of the particle-based therapy concept and is used for a wide range of research projects. As one of only six comparable centres worldwide, MedAustron has helped position Lower Austria in the vanguard of international cancer treatment and high tech.

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