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A growing population, well-qualified skilled personnel, the proximity to Vienna and one of the highest purchasing power ratings in the EU zone - factors that are the strong points of Lower Austria and reinforce the advantages of this region. Innovative business concepts and opportunities with an excellent infrastructure, business parks, high-tech technopoles and much more are to be found in the business hub that is Lower Austria. You too can benefit from the advantages offered by Austria's largest state in the heart of Europe.

Infrastructure An ideal business environment

Lower Austria is among Europe's leading commercial hubs. This is only possible thanks to the existence of a suitable infrastructure. Up-to-date road, rail (ÖBB and Westbahn) and waterway connections, interconnected mobility, digital tolling systems, facilitated border clearance procedures with Vienna International Airport nearby will continue in future to provide those businesses located in Lower Austria with the edge that generates success.

But today's infrastructure extends beyond this. Also required is a digital infrastructure that links businesses and people and provides access to national and global markets. In this context, Lower Austria is the leading trailblazer in Europe. 5G and fibre optic internet will soon be available throughout the whole region.

Lower Austria is generating new impetus to facilitate the development of electromobility, autonomous driving and sharing systems while also providing attractive, networked concepts across all modes of transport - measures that will also meet the needs of the next generation.

Business parks Office space and more

There are locations where infrastructure, market potential and the needs of various sectors are specifically catered for - our business parks. At 18 locations in Lower Austria ecoplus, the Business Agency of Lower Austria, offers customised solutions - more than 2451 acres of fully developed sites ready to become the home to investment projects. The success of the business park concept is demonstrated by the fact that more than 1000 national and international business with some 22,000 employees have chosen to base themselves here.

Perhaps you're more interested in a rental or leasing option? There are a total of 81 business properties that can be rented while 243.000 m² leasable space is available in six technology and research centres providing you with a wealth of options for investment. The autonomous management of each business park will facilitate the establishment of your business, support it over the long term and ensure it makes contact with already resident businesses and institutions. 

Would you prefer to be located outside a business park? You can obtain an overview of other top quality business locations available in the region using our interactive location finder.

Almost 1100 businesses have located here in the last ten years, creating more than 18,000 jobs and generating a positive environment that reveals the national and international commercial advantages of locating businesses in Lower Austria. These have received support from the ecoplus investor service with regard to identifying an appropriate location, acquiring finances and obtaining licences.

Technology and Research
Europe's high-tech hubs

Locations at which research institutes, training facilities and businesses come together to form a networked unit we designate technopoles. Technopoles act as platforms that facilitate the transfer and dissemination of skills and knowledge and promote international collaboration.  

The objective is to make Lower Austria an innovative high-tech hub in Europe and thus boost the regional value creation chain. The concept speaks for itself. Thanks to the interdisciplinary cooperation they encourage, our technopole locations are now at the worldwide forefront of research and development. Awards, such as global third place in the Nature Index Ranking 2018 of the IST Austria institute further demonstrate the technological advantage here.  

Specialists based at technopoles initiate and supervise research and technology projects for and with businesses and research institutes. Thus, even recently arrived organisations will readily find opportunities for collaboration with existing businesses, training and research facilities. It has never been so easy to establish valuable partnerships and gain access to well-qualified personnel.  

Regular technopole events and marketing campaigns will put your business and whole commercial sector/value creation chain in the spotlight. The ideal way to reach a wide range of potential customers or focus on selected target groups.

Vienna Airport will get your business flying high

One of Europe's busiest airports is located in Schwechat in Lower Austria - Vienna International Airport. This is a transport hub for Central and Eastern Europe and offers flights to more than 180 international destinations, of which more than 40 are in Eastern Europe. Just an hour away by air are major cities, including Munich, Stuttgart, Zurich, Budapest, Ljubljana, Prague, Zagreb, Belgrade and Sarajevo. And less than 3 hours flying time will bring you to London, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Moscow and Paris.

Service quality and continuous structural improvements to accommodate the growing needs of passengers and local businesses will ensure that Vienna International Airport will take a leading role in the air transport of travellers and cargo in future.

The airport caters not only for passengers - the associated Airport-City is an ideal business location that will also get your business flying high. It incorporates a state-of-the-art office park with 90,000 m² office space together with high-tech logistics and cargo processing centres. Direct connections to the apron and special freight processing systems for sensitive pharmaceutical products and many other features make the Airport-City one of the highlights of Lower Austria's business landscape.



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