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Lower Austria - front runner in the race for vaccination against COVID-19!

Covid 19
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Currently, more than 170 biotech companies worldwide are participating in the race for Covid-19 vaccines – including the German biotech company BioNTech. BioNTech recently announced a breakthrough in the development of their vaccine with the US pharmaceutical company Pfizer and is close to approval in the EU and USA. The Lower Austrian company Polymun Scientific is involved in the production of this potential vaccine. 

BioNTech’s method is completely new – mRNA muscle injection. An initiation of genetic information that stimulates our body to produce the harmless virus S protein. Our immune system responds immediately and builds up an effective defense. BioNTech claims its vaccine is over 90% effective after extensive studies. The EU has already secured 300 million units.

The last production step is the creation of a so-called “transport vehicle”. This is where the Lower Austrian company Polymun comes into play. Polymun manufactures liposomes/lipid nanoparticles to move the vaccine from the laboratory to industrial vaccine production.

Progress from Lower Austria!

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