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Biotechnology in Lower Austria

The upswing of life science

Over the last 15 years, the Austrian life science sector (pharmacy, medical- and biotechnology) has delivered outstanding scientific and economic performance. From small start-ups to internationally recognised companies and institutes, our specialists work on the most thriving challenges of the industry and develop game changing technologies.

According to the 2018 life science report, 917 companies generated a turnover of 22,4 billion Euros and accounted for 2,8% of Austria’s GDP. Compared to other branches, life science has the highest research ratio at 14,4% and therefore a strong focus on innovation. More than 38% of the 55.000 life science employees in Austria work in research and education institutions.

Biotechnology in Lower Austria

Lower Austria has a lot to offer when it comes to biotechnology. A prime example is the technopole in Tulln, located at the Danube between Krems and Vienna. With focus on agro-biotechnology, food & feed safety and bio-based process technology, the technopole network assures strong interaction between companies, research teams and universities.

Furthermore, the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU) as well as the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt (FHWN) offer study programmes for biotechnology on site. Therefore, motivated students are trained at the Biotech Campus Tulln, to become the skilled workers and scientists of tomorrow.

Just around the corner in Krems, the Danube University and the IMC FH Krems provide further life science degree programmes and research facilities, but with a stronger focus on medical technology. The great infrastructure and the proximity to the capital Vienna are additional advantages for businesses, but also for the 1100 employees located at the biotech hotspot Tulln.

A favourable location

Aside from being ranked the first place of the “Quality of Life” Index in 2020, Lower Austria has an even bigger bonus when it comes to the geographical location in Europe. Many companies use the beneficial centre of the CEE region to set up trading branches as a gateway to eastern Europe. Austrian specialists support such settlement and export plans and have established well-developed networks that make Lower Austria the great European distribution hub it is today.

The biotechnology and life science sector will certainly continue to grow and influence our lives in numerous ways, and even though the challenges might seem big sometimes, they sure get smaller when starting at the right point – for example in Lower Austria.

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