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Quick, precise results: coronavirus tests from Lower Austria.


Dialab GmbH, based in Wiener Neudorf, is one of the leading manufacturers of rapid coronavirus tests in Europe. Thanks to its innovative technologies, the company’s Covid-19 rapid antigen test ensures fast and, above all, reliable results. In times like these, the test offers a little more predictability.

One new addition to the product portfolio: the anterio-nasal test, which is particularly easy to use. It requires only about a 2 cm smear in the anterior nasal cavity and the result is ready in 15 minutes.

This also enables children in Austria to carry out voluntary and free antigen self-tests at home or at school.

Schnelltest Covid-19

Another success story from Lower Austrian research. Numerous initiatives and funding opportunities from the state of Lower Austria ensure that there will be more stories like this in the future.

If you would like to set up your research or production in Lower Austria, we would be happy to help, free of charge. We explore location and funding opportunities with you, network with industry and research partners, and ensure that you can fully take advantage of Lower Austria’s location with expansions or exports in the future.

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