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Discover Lower Austria's high-tech and logistic hubs

Lower Austria has many strengths,
including aerospace, biotechnology and green logistics.

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Aerospace Center Wiener Neustadt

Clear location advantage. With world market leaders from the aerospace industry, specialists, R&D and perfect infrastructure.

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Biotech centre in Tulln

The place in Tulln for plant and soil research. And the location of one of the world’s most-cited researchers.

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Green Logistics Ennshafen and Krems

Sustainable and cost-efficient transportation by barge. The Danube ports of Lower Austria make it possible.


Circular economy in Lower Austria

CO2 as a resource & effective utilisation of residual materials. Ideal test market for international companies in the centre of Europe.

Take off towards success

Aerospace Center in Wiener Neustadt

Aerospace Niederösterreich - Diamond Aircraft Industries
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Do you have us on the radar?

Lower Austria is a fertile ground for companies in the aerospace industry. The Aerospace Center Wiener Neustadt is fast becoming one of the most exciting hot spots in the sector. Infrastructure, expertise and quality of life are among the many factors that give us our significant competitive advantage.

Benefit from a strong industry location

From the innovative start-up that equips rockets with its propulsion technology for renowned manufacturers to the world market leader for luxurious interior fittings for private jets. They all benefit from the concentrated expertise at the Aerospace Center in Wiener Neustadt. Resident research and educational institutions round out the “total package” to create a perfect symbiosis. For joint projects.

Highly qualified workforce?

The proximity to educational and research institutions in the field of aerospace ensures there’s an ideal talent pool and is a significant driver of innovation for us. We will continue to expand this location, thus contributing to the aerospace expertise of Wiener Neustadt.

Robert Kremnitzer, Head of Design Organization, Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH

Robert Kremnitzer Portraibild
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Up in the air

Benefit from the potential of an aerospace centre in the middle of Europe. Two airports at the location itself, an international airport (VIE) and the proximity to Vienna. That opens up all kinds of opportunities! Thanks to independent location management, you will be actively introduced to the aerospace environment. Here you will feel welcome right from the start. An overview in numbers.


students and schoolchildren at
three educational institutes



€ 308 million

in revenue

21 hectares

of open space for
company property

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An environment
that creates momentum.

Benefit from the diversity of the aerospace industry in Wiener Neustadt. From research and development to numerous suppliers and OEMs. Collaboration is a given here. An excellent environment for optimal development.

Talent pool

Your employees of tomorrow.

Each year, young specialists complete their training right here. You benefit from a growing pool of highly trained potential employees. In close proximity to the Aerospace Center are two secondary technical schools: the HTL Wiener Neustadt and the HTL für Flugtechnik in Eisenstadt, which also offers mechatronics and IT. Training and education at university level, that’s what the FH Wiener Neustadt – the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt – offers with its Aerospace Engineering programme.

Practical training

The companies on site have the opportunity to cooperate with these educational institutions, often resulting in their participation in shared projects while still studying. A great opportunity to get to know potential employees and determine the focus of their

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This is what we call the location advantage!

Crop protection pioneers

Biotech centre Tulln

Welcome to Tulln. A city with a research centre for bio-based technology. The focus here: food and feed safetybio-based process technologies and agro-biotechnology. With 1000 jobs, the Tulln Biotech Centre is a global player in these fields.

Innovative applications of micro-organisms to control plant diseases. Or: secondary metabolites that are bioactive and environmentally friendly. As a company at the Tulln Technopole, you too benefit from the know-how in plant and soil research. How does that sound?


The emphasis on agricultural biotechnology at Tulln Technopole provides our business group with an important basis for targeted and efficient product development. The synergy generated by the combination of teaching, academic and application-orientated and industrial research provides highly qualified personnel with the ability to produce outstanding results that have international visibility.

Dr. Eva Maria Binder, Managing Director, DSM Austria GmbH 

Where do some of the most-cited researchers work?
Right here!

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Unique synergies ensure a one-of-a-kind ecosystem. Companies, some of which are world market leaders in their niche, paired with EU-wide recognised research and educational institutions, make the Tulln Technopole a “fertile ground” and a starting point for global cooperation with internationally active companies.

Unique know-how in plant and soil research.

Business and research location Tulln

Tulln is synonymous with state-of-the-art developments in agricultural products and global leaders in this sector like Agrana have chosen to locate here. In addition to acting as a business and research focus for biotechnology, Tulln is also known as the garden capital of Austria and frequently hosts international ecological horticultural trade fairs.

Benefit from Tulln’s central location in Lower Austria, the largest province of the Republic of Austria. Tulln has both the federal capital Vienna (40 km) and the high-growth markets of Eastern Europe in the immediate vicinity. Infrastructural advantages – such as the high-performance railway line with a direct connection to Vienna Airport (VIE) – make Tulln a dynamic centre and hub in the CEE region.


A strong combination. For healthy plant growth.

Unique synergies. Networked, holistic research. Specialisation in micro-organisms and soil protection. A strong combination that makes the Tulln Technopole one of the leading biotechnology locations in Europe and opens up new potential for you in crop protection.

The site offers strong expertise in: bacterial endophytes, mycotoxins, bioactive metabolites, bioanalysis & chemical analysis, plant pathogenic soil fungi, plant pathogenic nematodes, plant pathogenic nematodes, mycorrhizal fungi and soil health. Get in touch with key players. Think outside the box. Benefit from the active networking of all companies at the location. Create new impulses and competitive advantages.

Practical training

Experts are at home here.

Tap into the pool of talent at Tulln Technopole. Prominent universities, including the Technische Universität Wien (TU Wien), the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna (Vetmeduni Wien) and the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU Wien), have established institutes and competence centres at Tulln Technopole, home to the next generation of business and science experts.

Perfectly coordinated. Science, business and education make the Technopole Tulln a top centre for know-how internationally. Worldwide collaborations with leading research institutions and international high-tech companies are established here.

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This is what we call the location advantage!

“There is hardly any other location in the world
in which the symbiosis of teaching, theoretical and
applied research has been so impressively achieved as it has at Tulln Technopole.”

Univ. -Prof. Dr. Rudolf Krska, Deputy Head, Department for Agrobiotechnology IFA-Tulln, Member of the Senate of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU)

Mann in Hemd
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Your gateway to inland shipping

The Danube ports Ennshafen and Krems

Ennshafen Rohr Transport
© Ennshafen

Does your logistics move large quantities or heavy goods?

Then a location in Lower Austria is just right for you. At our Danube ports, you can tap the full potential of green logistics and have access to the full range of trimodal transport solutions. Use the advantages of green logistics and actively integrate the waterway into your transportation.

Full power through Trimodality

»In Krems we are a port operator, freight forwarder and a barge company and move 1.3 million tons between ships, trains and trucks annually.«

Gerhard Gussmagg, Managing Director of Rhenus Donauhafen Krems

Mann am Hafengelände
© Rhenus Donauhafen Krems

Environmentally friendly, affordable and secure

Transport by barge offers a multitude of economic advantages. Goods that are less time-sensitive – such as bulk goods, building materials or fi nished products – can be brought to their destination in enormous quantities, at low prices and with low climate-relevant emissions.

Danube port of Krems. International and multimodal.

Hafen Krems Klaus Rockerbauer
© Klaus Rockerbauer

With its location, the Danube port of Krems is almost exactly in the middle of the 3,500 km Rhine-Main-Danube waterway. This means that you can reach the industrial centres of Western and Eastern Europe easily, inexpensively and, above all, in an environmentally friendly way.
A plot of land with 36,600 m² is currently available as a lease for your project. The direct location at the Danube port offers connections to the harbour basin, the train, the container terminal and the major road and rail network.

Ennshafen. Ennshafen. A port location with many competitive advantages.

Ennshafen is conveniently located in one of the most dynamic economic areas in Austria.
In addition to a 5-hectare harbour basin, Ennshafen offers you the best possible connection to the western railway and motorway. A major transshipment point with inexpensive access to European economic centres in the immediate vicinity. Your part in the Ennshafen success story? A space of approx. 110,000 m² for companies involved in water transport, which can be divided into units of 2,000 m² and up, depending on your project. The plots are right on the water, are already fully developed and the basic infrastructure will be added according to your project.

Verladung Ennshafen
© Ennshafen

The following services are available to you:

Roll-on / Roll-off-Ramepe Dienstleistung Hafen Ennshafen
Roll-on / Roll-off – Ramp
Umschlag Dienstleistung Hafen Krems und Ennshafen
Handling including high & heavy products
Lager Dienstleistung Hafen Krems und Ennshafen
Rohstofflager Dienstleistung Hafen Krems und Ennshafen
Raw materials warehouse
Verpackung Dienstleistung Hafen Krems und Ennshafen
Freight centre incl. packaging
Kommissionierung Dienstleistung Hafen Krems und Ennshafen
Order picking
Verzollung Dienstleistung Hafen Krems und Ennshafen
Customs clearance
of your goods
Getreide Terminal Dienstleistung Hafen Krems und Ennshafen
Grain terminal
Container Dienstleistung Hafen Krems und Ennshafen
Container terminal
Mann mit rotem Hemd
© VFI GmbH

On course for growth

»Our oilseeds are delivered by barge and taken to the VFI oil mill in Ennshafen by the shortest possible route.
Combined with highly motivated and innovative employees on site, the decision to invest further at the location was easy.

Florian Rauch, Geschäftsführer VFI GmbH

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Explore new opportunities for your company!

Circular economy in Lower Austria

Opportunities for international companies

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Carrier of technology, purchaser or research company?

Our unique circular economy ecosystem with the focal points of CO2 as a resource and effictient utilisation of residual materials provides a perfect platform for companies that wish to expand their presence, range and impact in these pioneering sectors.

An accessible circular economy "in the heart of europe."

»Lower Austria features an ideal position to tackle the challenges of tomorrow, at the same time of fering attractive business opportunieties.«

Andrea Edelmann, Head of Innovation,
Sustainability and Environmental
Affairs, EVN Group
© EVN / Veith

CO2 as a resource & effictient utilisation of residual materials

Innovative technologies and procedures make it possible to not only reduce the greenhouse gas CO2 but to also effciently utilise it as a raw material in various industrial processes. This eco-friendly practice of ers a signifcant added value to companies. They are given the opportunity to improve their carbon footprint and at the same time open up new business prospects.

Our highly developed procedures for waste recycling enable us to recover valuable materials for industrial processes, at the same time minimising the volume of waste. The majority of companies in our region has already successfully integrated these sustainable methods into their operational procedures and in this way has not only improved its environmental performance, but also its cost effciency and competitive ability.

A stable circular economy ecosystem in Lower Austria

Map of Lower Austria Companies Educational and research institutions
Companies, educational & research institutions in Lower Austria

Ready to enter this dynamic ecosystem?

Innovative companies in the circular economy

© Kerschner Umweltservice und Logistik GmbH

The circular economy of Lower Austria offers a broad entrepreneurial range and, with more than 50 companies, represents a large variety of sectors such as biotechnology, energy and food processing.

A Story of success. From the mere disposal company to the recycling company | Kerschner Umweltservice und Logistik GmbH

Managing director Reinhard Kerschner | © Daniela Matejschek

Tackling the future by innovation – for more than 90 years this has been the company’s guiding principle
to meet challenges and to always break new ground.
With a team of qualifi ed employees and a modern fleet it performs a clean job every day when it comes to disposal and logistics. Investments in new waste separation and recycling technologies promote the constant advancement in the field of recycling.

Overview of educational and research facilities

  • BEST Competence Centre: Pyrolysis, Smart Grids and Biomass to Liquid
  • University of applied sciences Wiener Neustadt Tulln campus: Bioinformatics
  • University of applied sciences Wiener Neustadt Wieselburg campus: Circular economy and production technology
  • HLUW Yspertal: Institution of higher education for environment and economy
  • IFA Tulln at the BOKU: Biomaterials, biotechnology
    and bioprocess engineering
  • Josephinum Wieselburg: Agricultural technology
  • Wood Competence Centre in Tulln (UFT) Wood-based materials, bio-adhesives
© University of applied sciences Wiener Neustadt
Pupils & Students | Green Education in Lower Austria
Green Jobs in Lower Austria

For international companies, this means access to excellent expertise and recent research as well as potential for partnerships and collaborations. Lower Austria is therefore both an active ecosystem of the circular economy and a hotspot of innovation in this sector.

Subsidies & financing at a glance

When it comes to enter prise promotion, Austria with a research rate of almost 4% clearly takes the lead.

© Shutterstock/expiximages

Austrian Companies receive a research bonus of 14% of their research expenditures (also applies to personnel expenditures) and can thus receive a refund on part of the costs for both internally and externally commissioned research. This tax bene t can be used by all companies in Austria.

We will be happy to advise you on the funding programmes that apply to you.

Have we managed to fascinate you by the innovative circular economy of Lower Austria and the opportunities that come aloing with it?

Benefi t from our free-of-charge, customised services – from location information and network connections to funding advice. We are geared to your success and we’ll help you fi nd the perfect location for your innovations in the circular economy. In particular we’d like to refer you to the platform for Green Transformation & Bioeconomy, which serves as an information hub, providing a network for research and cooperation projects, in order to optimise the value-added processes in Lower Austria.

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