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The “Sci-Fit” project:
We say it's time for an update!

Foto FOTEC Ionentriebwerk
© Daniel Hinterramskogler

The “Sci-Fit” project: We say it’s time for an update!

Last year the Lower Austrian research company FOTEC received a 2.0 million project from ESA to improve satellite ion propulsion systems.

The team of 18 engineers and scientists in Wiener Neustadt developed the first prototypes and made major advances in:

  • Ion beam optimization
  • Plasma diagnostics
  • The development of a test stand to measure mass efficiency
  • Direct thrust measurements

Phase 1 was successfully completed at the end of 2019. Tests to further develop the ion thrusters, as well as the construction of the test stand to measure the mass efficiency, will take place in phase 2 of the project.

The project aims to gain a better understanding of the physical processes related to the ion engine and improve the technology on the basis of those findings. In the future, the FOTEC ion thrusters will be used on ESA scientific missions related to the high-precision alignment of satellites that weigh tons.

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