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What comes to mind when you hear the words "slime mould"?

Foto Schleimpilze Myxomeceten
© adege on Pixaby

Your first thoughts were probably not very appetizing.

Most people are unfamiliar with slime moulds – so-called myxomecetes – but they are extremely useful when it comes to protecting crops. They show a unique combination of antagonistic mechanisms and activities against fungi and bacteria that can be used in biocontrol.

Researchers at the Technopol Tulln in Lower Austria are studying this “secret star” of biotechnology. Although this research is just getting started, it already has some unique potential internationally. From collecting the myxomycetes and their identification, to the production of the biomass, to testing for antagonism in the laboratory and greenhouse. These little organisms may soon make our agriculture even more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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