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Why Lower Austria of all places as a business location?

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Why Lower Austria?

There are many advantages to Lower Austria, from an economic perspective as well as the famous work-life balance. Interested parties find an exciting “eco-system” here. This includes research and educational institutions as well as high-tech companies that are global market leaders in their niche. Then there is the unique geographical location, next to high-growth markets like Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the top infrastructure and economic dynamism. The renowned IMD ranking lists Austria as no. 1 in terms of quality of life – an official “seal” that underlines what we all enjoy here.

Why INVEST in lower austria?

Because we are organised as a one-stop shop. That means you have one point of contact, from the initial inquiry to the rental agreement or start of construction. This saves time in processing and makes everything a lot easier and more efficient. In addition to efficiency, we prioritise personal, individualised support. Our customers are not just numbers. We value contact, exchange and cooperation. Our network is another advantage. We are familiar with potential locations throughout the state, have the best contacts for permits, subsidies, and applications and can connect you with cooperation partners.

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