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Our plastics industry in a nutshell:

The Austrian plastics industry is a major player in the country’s industrial landscape. It accounts for 47,5% of the booming chemical industry, which is a driving factor for the country’s prosperity and is therefore highly regarded. With innovative solutions, the chemical- and plastics-sector keeps enhancing the quality of life for citizens and employees.

In 2019, the plastics industry achieved a revenue of 7.8 billion euros and thus holds a share of around 7 % of all Austrian industrial production.

Most of the jobs and the majority of the production value of the plastics industry are created in Upper- and Lower-Austria, two federal states situated side by side along the Danube Around 570 companies and more than 31.000 employees (2019) work in the Austrian plastics branch. Most of the businesses are small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), just 5% of the companies employ more than 250 people.

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A growing sector

While the production value of processed plastics was still € 3.9 billion in 2009, in the last decade it has increased by almost 50 % to € 5.9 billion in 2019. In those years the Austrian plastics industry has outperformed the economic growth of the EU.

The continuous growth of the plastics industry brought up topics like circular economy and sustainability, which are huge subjects besides the omnipresent digitalisation. Our exceptionally skilled specialists and research & development teams tackle these challenges day by day and shape the future of the plastics industry.

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Due to the rather small domestic market in Austria, most businesses in the sector rely on an export strategy, which results in an unusually high export ratio. About two thirds of the total turnover in the plastics industry is generated in exports, more than 80 % of our plastic goods are exported to other European countries. Nevertheless, Austrian companies like Borealis or Sunpor rely on their location in Lower Austria, because the region offers many advantages.

The perfect location

Aside from the central location in the heart of Europe and the proximity to Eastern European markets, Lower Austria scores with its unique infrastructure and the availability of highly trained workers. The fact that Lower Austria is the biggest federal state of the country also means, that there is literally space to build and expand production and distribution facilities.

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Success, however, does not come from relying on a great location alone. This is why our specialists have put a lot of effort and know how into developing strong networks like the Kunststoff-Cluster, a cross-industry network of the plastics sector. Through the cooperation of Upper- and Lower Austria, the Kunststoff-Cluster has become the largest network for plastics technology in Europe.

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Finally, Austria is known to be a politically and economically stable country with an exceptionally high quality of life. We have one of the best healthcare systems in the world and internationally renowned universities and research centres that drive innovation and provide international impetus.

Wenn Sie nach diesen Einblicken in die niederösterreichische Kunststoffindustrie mit dem Gedanken spielen, sich hier niederzulassen, freuen wir uns von Ihnen zu hören, um erste Schritte zu besprechen.

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