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RUAG Space Austria expands in Berndorf, Lower Austria.

Ruag Space Folie
©RUAG Space, M Reinhard

In 1991, RUAG Space Austria, a subsidiary of the swiss parent group RUAG International started developing and building thermal control elements and multi-layer insulation for satellites in Berndorf, Lower Austria. Since then, the company benefits from the synergies, the infrastructure and the highly trained specialists the region around the production site has to offer. The aerospace industry kept growing, and so did RUAG Space Austria, which is the largest space technology company in Austria today.


Almost every European satellite is protected from extreme temperatures by thermal insulation from RUAG Space. In 2019, the company invested a mid-six-figure sum in the facility and production infrastructure in Berndorf, and therefore was able to venture into the market of thermal insulation for launchers. This expansion also attracted skilled workers and experts of the industry to work for RUAG Space.

“Our employees are full-blooded technicians. It is very important that we get good and challenging jobs in to retain these brightest minds and attract new talent.”

– Andreas Buhl, Country Manager von RUAG Space Austria

Andreas Buhl, Ruag Space Austria
© RUAG Space, Anna Rauchenberger

Fortunately, young talents are trained and educated just around the corner at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt, where students can study mechatronics, robotics and even aerospace engineering. RUAG Space Austria is known to be a close partner of the Wiener Neustadt Technology and Research Centre.

Ruag Space Reinraum
©RUAG Space, Martin Steiger

Max Kowatsch, President of Austrospace, emphasised the importance of cooperations with regionally based companies, linked via the technopole. The strong network between industrial-, research- and educational institutions is just one reason why companies like RUAG Space seek the proximity to Wiener Neustadt, which is known to be the aerospace centre of the country.

Ruag Space Austria Ariane
© ESA, D. Ducros

With an export ratio of 100%, RUAG Space Austria is involved in prestigious international projects. Currently, high-temperature heat protection for the rocket engines of the European launcher “Ariane 6″ is being built at the production site in Berndorf. Another investment by the international aerospace industry in Lower Austria that paid off.

With such big projects, the company and the whole space-tech industry plans far ahead and thus, is said to be crisis proof. On top of that, the forecast is very promising. The market is expected to triple within the next 20 Years.

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